Traffic Control Flagger

Safety should be kept as the first priority when working as a Traffic Control Flagger. Always ensure that you and your employees have the knowledge to manage the situations under temporary traffic control. This Traffic Control Flagger Online Course explains the techniques, equipment, and legal requirements for traffic control flaggers when working in a construction environment.

Through this course, one can understand the importance of using the proper protective equipment, how to efficiently control traffic in a variety of construction situations, and our usual safety and legal requirements.

Traffic Control Safety Training

The worksite traffic control mainly includes the protection of the construction workers and takes care of the traffic flow in order to maintain the workflow and hold the traffic if required. It allows the construction work to go on efficiently and safely. In order to ensure such safety, the Traffic Control Flagger Online Course should be given to the workers. This course has been specially created for workers who require the knowledge and skill to carefully and proficiently perform the role of a Traffic Control Person.

What does the Traffic Control Flagger Online Course include:-

So, without any further delay, register for this course and enhance your skills to work in such situations when your project demands to work alongside a public roadway that might implement traffic control measures.

What will be the duration of the Traffic Control Person Online Course?

It takes just 60 minutes to take the complete course for the certification.

When will you be eligible to get the certificate?

You will be eligible to earn the certification only if you successfully pass the Traffic Control Safety Training Course.