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This lockout tagout training OSHA-based course will certify that you or your employees are meeting the training, inspection and record-keeping requirements set out in OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy standard (29 CFR 1910.147). Ensure dangerous machines are completely shut off and not able to accidentally restart prior to maintenance or repair work by practicing safe Lockout/Tagout procedures. This lockout tagout basic training meets and exceeds that standards set by OSHA and regulatory bodies.

Ensure Machinery Is Safe for Maintenance by Following Proper Lockout/Tagout Procedure

In this Lockout Tagout Online Course, participants will learn:

  • Identify sources of hazardous energy
  • Describe the three different types of employees recognized in a lockout tagout program
  • Distinguish lockout from tagout
  • Explain how to perform lockout and tagout procedures
  • Use a group lockout device safely
  • Recognize exceptions to lockout and tagout requirements


The lockout tagout training course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Reviews and testing will take place throughout the course. Participants must achieve a mark of 80% or higher to earn their certificate of completion. Those who do not reach the required mark will be allowed to repeat the course two additional times.

Certificate of Completion

Participants who successfully pass the lockout tagout employee training will earn a certificate of completion, which they can print out or download for their records. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

What steps are involved in the Lockout Tagout procedure?

  1. Prepare for shutdown
  2. Notify all affected employees
  3. Equipment Shutdown
  4. Isolation of system from hazardous energy
  5. Dissipation (removal) of residual or stored energy
  6. Lockout Tagout
  7. Verify Isolation
  8. Perform Maintenance or Service Activity
  9. Remove Lockout Tagout devices

Lockout Tagout is a critical component of workplace safety. Serious injuries and accidents can occur when employees are working with powered machinery that is improperly locked tagged out.

Prevent injuries and fatalities by introducing approved procedures, training, and visuals (sign and labels)

More Information

OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy Overview

OSHA Fact Sheet – Lockout/Tagout

Lockout/Tagout Information Video

Lockout Tagout Online Course
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