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Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course

120 mins

This Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course is an OSHA compliant program and contains all necessary teaching materials to help you effective teach this program to your employees. You will receive everything you need to offer your own in-house training. All material can be reused and customized to meet any specific teaching scenario. Included in this Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course are files for the main PowerPoint presentation, participant manual, tests and answer keys, pre-shift checklists, safety poster, safety standards, completion certificate and wallet card templates, accident examples suitable for toolbox meetings and classroom teaching.

Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course

The teaching modules for this Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course is presented in two sections:

  • Section 1:
    • Adult Learning Principles
    • The Responsibilities of the Trainer
    • Effective Record Keeping
    • OSHA Safety Standards
    • Effective Classroom set-up
    • Effective Use of Training Materials
    • How to Customize Training Materials
  • Section 2:
    • Aerial Lift Introduction
    • Equipment Anatomy
    • Machine Stability Concepts
    • Safe Machine Operation
    • Safety Hazards
    • Course Conclusion
    • Final Exam

Safety Tips: Train the Trainer Skid Steer Course

Struck-by hazards are a common skid steer hazard to be aware of as they are a serious threat for anyone working around skid steers. Skid steers are often used in high traffic areas and operators must be fully aware of their surrounding at all times.

Reversing the skid steer is highly dangerous due to many possible blind spots and creates a huge risk for struck-by incidents to occur.

Crushed-by hazards are also a major safety concern when operating a skid steer. Any workers who are working close to this machine can easily be crushed between the skid steer and another object if they are caught between them. Operators can also have the risk of being crushed by their own machine, by getting pinned between the bucket and frame or between a lift arm and frame.

Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation. Never operate a skid steer without the proper theory awareness and practical hands-on training.

Never work under the raised arms or bucket of a skid steer, even if it is shut off. Always lower the bucket to the ground before exiting the machine.

Always be aware of anyone working nearby when you are operating the skid steer. If you lose sight of any worker that is working nearby, you must stop immediately until they are located.

Never overload the skid steer.

When travelling with a skid steer, always have the bucket or load low to the ground.

Always wear your seatbelt and/or engage the restraint bar if the machine is equipped with one.

Always inspect safety equipment prior to use, such as the roll-over protective system, guards, seatbelt, interlock system, etc. Never remove or alter safety devices or guards from the equipment.

Always remain seated when operating a skid steer.

Never carry riders or lift anyone with the bucket or attachment.