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HazCom Online Course

45 mins

This HazCom Online Course teaches anyone that works with hazardous chemical products in the workplace how to be informed of the system used in labeling, transporting and safely storing those chemicals in order to prevent accidental exposure or injury. This Hazard Communication Standard Course will give workers the required knowledge and understanding of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, including GHS procedures and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in the workplace

Gain an understanding of GHS procedures and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in the workplace

In this HazCom Online Course (Hazard Communication Standard), you will learn:

  • OSHA’s HazCom Standard and the Globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals (GHS)
  • Various hazards of chemicals
  • Safety Data Sheets and Warning Labels
  • Employer Responsibilities


The HazCom Online Course (Hazard Communication Standard) takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Participants must achieve a mark of 80% or higher to earn their certificate of completion. Those that do not reach the required mark will be allowed to repeat the course two additional times.

Certificate of Completion

Participants who successfully pass the HazCom Online Course (Hazard Communication Standard) will earn a certificate of completion which they can print out or download for their records.

What are the responsibilities of employers in HazCom?

  •    Creating and maintaining a Written HCS / HazCom Plan
  •    Having a current Chemical Inventory List
  •    Using proper Labels & Warnings
  •    Maintaining and making Safety Data Sheets accessible
  •    Training employees

What is the purpose of HazCom (Hazard Communication Standard)

The purpose of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are evaluated and details regarding their hazards are transmitted to employers and employees.

Why was HazCom (Hazard Communication Standard) created?

Looking for hazard communication training online? At Safe Training North America, we offer comprehensive HazCom OSHA training which helps to educate workers on workplace safety and help reduce injuries. The main goal of this course is to ensure safety of employees and employers. Employees and employers get all the necessary information to avoid hazards in the workplace. This way, injuries and illnesses can be avoided.

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