ATV/UTV Safety Training

ATV’s and UTV’s can be very dangerous vehicles to operate. They can used as recreation or work vehicles and proper ATV/UTV Safety Training is very important before operating them.

Below are possible hazards and solutions when operating an ATV or UTV vehicle:

  • Never transport more people than the manufacturer’s recommendation. It can result in a very dangerous situation. Always use seatbelts if the vehicle has them and always follow the recommended personnel capacity limits.
  • One of the major cause of injuries and fatalities when operating an ATV/UTV is lack of training. If you operate an ATV or UTV, ensure that you have taken a vehicle specific ATV/UTV Safety Training course.
  • You should not operate these vehicles alone and you should always ensure that the vehicle has up to date service records. If you are working alone when operating the ATV/UTV, a vehicle monitoring device, two way radio or phone to reach others, or a check-in time requirement with your co-workers will help you to stay safe and operate in a safe manner.
  • Fatigue is a common issue to be aware of when operating these vehicles and try to take frequent rest breaks if working long days or distances.
  • Always try to prepare for any weather situation when operating an ATV/UTV. Use tire tracks for traction in snowy or icy conditions, protect the vehicles from rain, snow, sun exposures using a tarp or cover when not in use, in cold weather wear layers of warm clothing, in hot weather, you can prevent heat/stroke stress by staying hydrated and packing additional water and ice in an insulated cooler, also take frequent breaks to cool down and rehydrate.
  • Always wear a DOT approved helmet for best protection, eye protection, safety toed shoes or boots and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for personal protective equipment. Ensure your passengers are equally equipped.

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